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Pumpkin to Talk About Posted On 29 October 2021

The spooky side of Stamford

Proclaimed by Sir Walter Scott as “the finest stone town in England”, hearing the name Stamford brings forth images of Georgian architecture and glorious medieval churches. Or perhaps you think of the plethora of independent shops, and a bustling Farmers’ Market. Look a little deeper and you’ll soon find there’s more to Stamford than meets the eye. 

The quaint cobbled streets are host to spooky sightings and tales sure to send a shiver down the bravest of spines. On October 24th, 2018, movement by the main bat at Willoughby’s nightclub triggered the alarm. Management were phoned by the police. They checked the building and found no evidence of a break in. Intrigued, they studied the CCTV. Footage shows as the alarm sounded; a lone pendant light began to swing. Next, an object on the bar began to move. Moments later, a strange light appeared on the ground. A member of management staff at Willoughby’s spoke to the Stamford Mercury: “Seeing something like this definitely makes you question things. It’s a mystery.” If you’d like to delve further into this mystery, why not enquire about holding a séance at the bar? “We probably would do one, if it was with the right people,” Management staff state.

Moving along the streets of Stamford, we reach The London Inn – a pub where many have claimed to witness spooky sightings. Zen, a barmaid at The London Inn confessed: “There’s definitely something here. Sometimes we see things out of the corner of our eye and turn around and there is nothing there.” These inexplicable occurrences have been attributed by the staff to a ghost they have named ‘Mary’. She is believed to be friendly and simply trying to have some fun.

Stamford Town Hall was once one of the worst jails in England. Rumour has it the jailor made prisoners toast on the day they were to be executed. Today, those who work in the building have been known to hear footsteps and smell charred toast – perhaps the jailor still lingers?

Why not wait until it’s dark one evening and take a stroll through the quiet streets to see who or what awaits you…

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