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Keep busy this weekend Posted On 12 March 2021

It’s the first weekend since the kids have gone back to school, let’s have a look at some great ideas on how to spend the next couple of days…


The kids are mostly back at school, which means something verging on a normal weekend. With restrictions still in place though, we thought we’d have a look at some great ideas to get you all out of the house…


Visit a garden centre

The weather is improving, so why not head to your local gardening centre, following social distancing guidelines of course, and pick up some seeds, bulbs and new plants that you can turn into a full day of fun jobs when you get home. You can plant seeds into trays or small pots and keep them on your windowsill and watch as they shoot new life.

If you have bare and messy borders at the moment, put on some gardening gloves and pick up your trowel to weed and clear them out before planting some new bulbs ready for Spring. You and your family will love watching as new life breaks through and adds colour to your garden.



Remember that DIY job you’ve been putting off? Now is the perfect time to get to work. The kids are probably tired after their first week back at school, so let them chill on the sofa, guilt-free, knowing they themselves are having to acclimatise to the new term.

Whether it a paint job, new shelves, or something a bit more expansive like tiling a kitchen or wallpapering, now is a great time to get it started, and hopefully finished. The joy you get when you finish a job you’ve done yourself is a proud moment, and you can go into the new week with another job ticked off your list.

Whatever you’re planning on doing this weekend, enjoy spending time with your families, and keep following the guidelines and remember the end of the rainbow is in sight!

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