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Bringing the Outside in Posted On 08 December 2021


Christmas 2021


What you do picture when you hear the word Christmas? The presents? The glitter? Your family? Prepping your house decor wise doesn't have to be a glitter explosion. Why not opt for a more classic look this year and bring in layers if natural colours and seasonal greenery to create a luxe, timeless look?


Bringing the outside in is an opportunity to celebrate the magic of Christmas and the beauty of midwinter by using fresh greenery, earth tones, and natural finds. Mixing these looks with a muted metallic or mirrored surfaces is the perfect way to create a little bit of Christmas glamour whilst maintaining an elegant aesthetic. 


Wreaths on your front door are a timeless Christmas look. The use of evergreen branches in a wreath is to signify eternal life. By hanging one of these on their door, Christians were inviting the spirit of Christ into their home. Why not mix it up and carefully hang your wreath from the ceiling as a centrepiece for the table. If you have a skylight, it will appear beautifully top-lit, and a few select baubles reinforce the Christmas theme. As well as providing an elegant focal point for the dining area, it has the additional advantage of keeping the tabletop clear for dishes of food.


For a unique Christmas piece, decorate an elegant, bare-branch Christmas tree with handmade leaves collected from outdoors. Coat the leaves with plaster of Paris and leave them to dry. Then simply peel off the leaf to reveal the delicate veins in the plaster. Attach a silk ribbon with glue and enjoy your unique Christmas decoration.


Less is sometimes more.  Is your tree overloaded? If you steal a few baubles, then add some white-sprayed pinecones to the mix, you have the ideal ingredients for a simple place-setting decoration. Stick to a single colour theme for a sophisticated look or have fun with brightly coloured baubles that will appeal to children.


No matter how to choose to decorate your home, have fun with it! The decorations will only be around for a month or so, so embrace the festivities and allow the beauty of your home to shine through with timeless, natural pieces.

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